Fulvio D’Agostino has been playing electric and classical guitar since he was 12 years old. After a year of being taught classical guitar by his father, he started taking lessons at the Kreuzlingen music school with Ralf Becker. This was optimal preparation for his current studies of classical guitar at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Here he was in good hands as a sixteen years old, being taught by Prof. Jury Clormann (student of Karl Scheit) and Prof. Anders Miolin, who himself studied with Andrés Segovia’s pupil Oscar Ghiglia, to do further studies. D’Agostino also took Masterclasses with Alvaro Pierri, Carlo Domeniconi, Hubert Käppel, Oscar Ghiglia and many more. Furthermore he reinforces his guitar playing and his pedagogical knowledge with Jürg Moser in Brugg.

D’Agostino’s most formative and influential guitarists and musicians are Mark Knopfler, Andrés Segovia as well as Eddie Van Halen and the band Bon Jovi.

With his Duo Mickey’s Fool he has released a record, which contains thirteen own pop songs and also a solo guitar Album with his own music as well as a solo guitar album with his own pieces. Furthermore he recorded CD with his duo Mi Cantino (violin and guitar) with Italian music of each epoch.

Now he is teaching classical guitar at the Musikschule Weinland Nord in canton Zurich and performing concerts in several formations such as with his duo Mi Cantino with his partner, the violinist Polina Nikiforova.

Fulvio D’Agostino is an active painter besides that.

As an adolescent he started to learn intensively the artistic craft with his father. For him the work at the atelier was like an artist’s workshop, at which was taught everything. From stretching canvas up to theory of color, drawing and composition. On the basis of this he began to develop his own a little bit post-impressionistic style. His main influence is Vincent van Gogh, HR Giger and Salvador Dalí. As an artist he is doing private orders and exhibits his works in art galleries.